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Skydiving Center

Every day / Todos los días
Road / Carretera Via Blanca, Km 1½, Varadero
+53 4566 7256

If you are the type of person who enjoy the adrenaline rush sports, you have landed in the right site. Skydiving is becoming a very popular extreme sport around the world, both for certified jumpers and occasional tandem jumpers willing to experience an adrenaline rush once in life. We offer tandem jumps (for persons without skydive certification), Only Jumps for certified skydivers and skydiving courses for people willing to get certified.

This Skydiving Center is based at the small domestic airport west of Varadero, a few hundreds meter from the Varadero bridge. The basic package includes the transfers between the hotel and the airport, an instruction session, and a tandem skydive (strapped to the skydive instructor). The drop is from 2500-3000 meters with first a 35 seconds free-fall and a total fly time of approximately 10 minutes before landing on Varadero’s beach. They also offer ultralight flights from various points on the Varadero beach.

Our staff is composed by extremely experienced instructors and tandem masters, some of them with more than 6000 registered jumps. The equipment (parachutes) used in the Varadero skydive club are regularly checked and well maintained, renovated by new stuff according to manuals instructions (both the main parachute and the reserve parachute)

We are here, every day, every hour ready for the challenge! What are you waiting for? Contact us and go for a lifetime experience, something you and your friends or family will talk about for long time after it is done.

Skydiving package: 180 CUC (Extras: Photos 60 CUC, Video 60 CUC, Photos + Video 80 CUC)


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