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Habano´s house

2700 Mts
1st Ave and 64 St / 1ra Avenida y Calle 64

This is a place with a simple decoration and very pleasant, propitious to share with friends a good Havana Cigar accompanied of some drinks. We offer you the best quality and variety according to your pleasures and cost-reducing possibilities. Here you will see how becomes elaborate the own tobacco Cuban, with very pleasant people that dance to rhythm Cuban while they work, everything is craft and manual. 

The staff in general will receive you with the open doors and you can get information and knowing a little bit of the history and the magic of this product. You should get information first to make a good choice, we have a person in charge with a great knowledge of the theme and of the properties that they have been inside, all over the history that there is behind each one of them. It is said that the quality of the Havana cigar consists in the union of four factors: weather, ground, wisdom of the peasants Cubans, and varieties of the type of tobacco Cuban. The combination of climatic factors with the characteristics of the territory the Cuban makes of the Havana cigar an authentic product of Cuba, certificate for the seal of authenticity that adorns the boxes of the different check marks Cubans.

The local has a terrace in front of the sea in which you can coming on Fridays at dusk that begins an on-line unloading of the rock group KIMERA with their versions of the songs of the Beatles and other bands. you cannot miss this appointment with  a good Havana Cigar, a mojito or a beer and that way you will enjoy a good environment and good music with the sound of the sea at the bottom. You can buy suvenir with this beautiful figure and photos and a lot of things that you will want to have been in your return trip.

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