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Jonsone Park

+53 4566 7228

Address: 1st Avenue between 56 & 58 street, Varadero
Opening hours: 9 am to Midnight, daily
Entrance fee: None / Pool: 3 CUC / Pedal boats: 5 CUC per hour / Small train: 1 CUC

Hundreds of thousands come to Varadero every year to take advantage of its attributes, among which is the excellent tourism infrastructure that the famous beach displays.More than fifty hotels await travelers in search for the pleasures of the beach, but there are other attractions in Varadero that could even amaze the unsuspecting tourist. Used only to enjoy the hot tropical sun, to lie down on the sand in order to get tanned, to swim and to explore the exuberant reef barriers that almost always proliferate around beaches, the traveler could be tempted also by the presence of a place where rest and relaxation are possible while one watches the plentiful setting around a lake, listens to the pleasant sound of tropical birds, or rows in a boat getting around flocks of ducks and wild geese. If you visit Josone Park, this can be an addition to Varadero´s attractions as a tourist destination.

The Josone Park is a special place in the Varadero Peninsula, not to be missed. It is a fabulous botanical garden exhibiting varied vegetation, miniature violets or huge climbing plants, all in a peaceful and loving atmosphere for this park was the idea of two lovers who, in 1942, dreamed of a place where their love and passion would last. A place where you can enjoy the extensive gardens with a nice lake full of bridges and numerous birds such as macaws, parrots, flamingos and even ostriches.

This facility also counts with a nice variety of restaurants: The Dante, which offers Italian food; La Campana, native food; Antigüedades, seafood; El Retiro, international food and Gruta del Vino (wine bar) . These four restaurants where the several mansions of the former owners. The place combines a range of services that make the visitor stay very pleasant: bowling, shooting, boating on the lake and swimming in the pool. All the previously mentioned is spread in an area of over than 8 hectares.

We mentioned before that the park was the creation of two lovers; they where Onelia Mendez and Jose Iturrioz. They celebrated their silver wedding anniversary and named the park by using the first three letters of their names: Jose and Onelia: Josone. It took three years to build it. Jose Iturrioz was the general director of the famous Arrechabala rum factory, settled in the neighboring town of Cardenas and already one of the most important and efficient of the island by the 40s of the last century. In its wineries began the legendary history of the subsequently famous Havana Club.

Many Cuban girls dressed in glamour dresses come to Parque Josone for a photo shoot when celebrating their 15th birthday (quinceanera), and also couples for their wedding pictures. It's also the perfect location for business dinners, receptions and banquets.

To the natural attractions of the place we could add the tunnel under the First Avenue, built by Jose Iturrioz which originally led to the beach and now leads to the Barracuda, the International Diving Center in Varadero.

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