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The Amphitheater

Hightway Via Blanca and Road to Cardenas / Autopista Via Blanca y Carretera de Cárdenas
+53 4561 9938

Located at the entrance of the Varadero city (on the mainland side of the Varadero Bridge), this large open-air theatre is a nice place to enjoy music concerts (national and international). In 1961 the amphitheater was built, like a drive-in theater, finally transformed in an amphitheater in the year 1970. In this place, is celebrate important events like the Song Popular's International Festival, what it attracts a flood of singers, musicians, directors and big names of the whole world. It was just like Varadero became a really popular place.

In the 1970 with the inauguration the city ran over of music and artists everywhere, being Varadero's new Amphitheater one of the main places where showed up diversity of singers. Attract attention as so many young people of both sexes meet when in this place they invite gangs to play, it do not import the genre of music. The thousands of people fill this beautiful space with spectacles the nights, wrapped-up in music they begin to eat, to drink, to dance and to enjoy the moment.

Festivities and presentations in this place has its particularities since the entrance is totally free and they talk to each other of purely artistic events without competitions neither rewards, only for the enjoyment of the public. If during your stay in Varadero you find out about a concert or some special event that here is celebrated, you will be able to experience this marvelous mixing of national and international music by yourself. In our days it’s used only on special occasions or events, so check locally for shows schedule. This place attracts to a great deal of our visitors because in him exclusive activities come true and the whole public is drawn to his majestic spectacles.

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